Messengers of Love ...sacred technologies for the next octave of human© 

There are seven new living geometric technology systems that have been introduced into this dimension. Listed below is a short description of each of the seven with an additional description of the 'Witness' which is the vessel in which the 7th system is held for the millennium or until a new age begins.

These new energy frequencies have come as 'intelligent living geometric energetic systems' or 'divine matrix blueprints' to assist the upgrade to a new harmonic frequency of Love as we know it & have known it... a move to heart coherency at a new octave.


Infinite Love:

Assisting us in deepening our communion with God/Source/Spirit Beyond Any Naming; to move beyond the illusionary barriers of separation between Source & ourselves & to aid in the healing & raising of the vibrational frequencies of the human race & all life everywhere.



The Golden Phoenix of Loving Transformation is comprised of four Infinite Love systems & was introduced the first day of the constellation alignment of the Age of Aquarius. It is here to help us create the next level of human evolution/ metamorphosis by bringing forward the remaining

Flower of Love :

This is a beautiful system of enfolding, unfolding & opening of a deeper, more expansive immersion into Love. This living geometric technology joins us, blossoming in the crystalline center of our heart system.



TheUnifiedFieldSystemofLoveforthisnewmillennium-Asystemoffull spectrum, luminescent, iridescent, radiant sound & light which flows like a water fountain from each of the centers of our human form's energetic centers & also around our entire field & beyond. It is each of the individual 'Messengers' synergistically combined to create a system much larger than the sum of its parts ... This is the living geometric technology for the next higher octave of LOVE ...a unified field system ofLOVE! Like a diamond, each of the facets that comprise it, or each of the qualities of the individual Messengers of Love, can be called upon for their special attributes.


It is the 'awakened heart', becoming one inside the other, consciously reunited once again. The illusion of separation has been removed & the beloved can feel/sense/know the Lover/God ...the true meaning of Unity.



ThemessageoftheTRILOGY isamessageofloveremindingusofthe“InfiniteLove in THE ONE & ONLI' Heart There Is!” It presented itself suspended in the void – alive, pulsing & brilliantly glowing, interweaving with each other. It's message combines the attributes of each of the first three energetic systems into a synergic family organizing the three in a way that is much more than the sum of its parts.


Golden Cross :

An amazing geometry made up of entirely of interwoven golden ratio proportioned infinities. The proportion of much of creation. This system acts as a stabilizer, balancer, harmonizer as well as an activator. The center point creates a rhythmic heartbeat as it moves forward & backward through each other on the etheric plane. It is golden masculine & feminine energies/mysts moving in & out of each other in fluid harmony. This can assist us in embodying the same.


Stands as 'witness' & guardian, enfolding the new Radiance harmonic ofLOVE. It will do so throughout this millennium or until a new age is ushered in. It invites us to Celebrate the wonder of what has been brought forth for all life forms & the planet!

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