Meet Your Messenger & Facilitator

Antonia Albano has had a life-long fascination with both how the un-manifest is made manifest and how the un-manifest is integral to our existence and permeates all life with its intelligence. While on a modern day vision quest in 2004, Antonia began to draw shapes that have become the focus of her life. She’ll explain how, if one chooses to allow it, such forms can impact and shape our lives and all life as we know it. She also discovered that with each shape came a beautiful, gentle yet powerful and palpable energetic message as to their purpose.

Over the next eight years, six more geometric shapes, new to this earth plane, presented themselves to Antonia. These shapes, with motion, color and sound, together form a family called the Geometries of Love…sacred technologies for the new millennium. Each is magnificent and important in its own right, yet together they function synergistically as a potent generator that is the Unified Field System of Love for this Age, and create for our own experience what Antonia describes as both “the Next Octave of Love” and “the Next Octave of Human!”

Antonia has facilitated workshops & seminars in expanding human consciousness since 1991. She was co-founder & Managing Director of the California Institute for Mind-Body Awareness (CIMBA) in the San Francisco Bay area of California where she maintained a private practice as an Integrative Therapist, Transformation Coach & Spiritual Mentor.

In addition, to assist us in this evolution, Antonia has been privileged to guide the futuristic, entirely new “high-tech” human energy system, currently called our chakra system. She resides with her husband in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. 


Learn About South River Highlands Country Retreat

Heartstone Lodge | Retreats In Virginia | Easy To Get To

Heartstone Lodge at South River Highlands Country Retreat, our retreat venue, sits on a large country estate that was once a working dairy farm.

Its lovingly renovated and re-purposed buildings still hold the heart and character of its past life. From the surrounding vistas to the free-range chickens, grazing cattle, gardens and incredible sculptures, this space is truly magical! Even the hilltop modern day labyrinth is an amazing creative undertaking. Every aspect of this country retreat is a thoughtful mixture of rustic and modern.


Come enjoy a life changing retreat experience with me.
— Antonia Albano