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The Amazing Evolutionary Human

... expanding realms of love

October 29 - November 1, 2020


Join Antonia Albano for an all inclusive retreat in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Discover the Sacred Geometry & the Unified Field System of Love for this new millennium.

Together we will walk on the path of love with intention, vision, integrity & awareness of our connectedness. Nestled in the scenic Shenandoah Valley just 4 miles from the picturesque & historic Lexington, Virginia.


Retreat Overview

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Sacred Geometry• New ‘high-tech’Human Energetic System • Conscious Evolution • Labyrinth Walk• Fire Ceremonies • Sound Bath • MUCH MUCH MORE

Ever wonder why humanity spends their lives seeking love, writing & singing about love, creating “love bundles” called babies, crying for lost loves, dying of broken hearts, crying at beautiful music? The “original pain” is our separation from the Source of All Life. We spend the entirety of our lives seeking that love, in whatever form we perceive it to be. Unashamedly, we seek reunion with the BIG LOVE from whence we came.

It is time to consciously guide our inevitable evolution by aligning with those shapes, motions, colors & sounds that can guide our alignment with what we say we wish to create... that of higher evolved, more open heart-ed, kind & compassion beings. If you know yourself to be a visionary, and you 'know' that being in 'the center of opposites' is the space from which you can travel infinitely in & infinitely out, then you know the electrifying power of the Sacred Feminine & the Sacred Masculine in harmonic balance. From that center we can create a deeper connection with the Creator of all life everywhere. With that connection we have the ability to move into a place of a responsible & conscious co-creator.

Learn what creative magic is in the Phi-Ratio (no mathematics or geometry background required!) & how simple alignment & focus with this equation of creation can change your life forever... this lifetime & those to come. Learn how this mathematical proportion can take you a 'step beyond' the ordinary into the extra-ordinary. Consciously re-create your human energetic system to open new horizons; walk a modern day labyrinth which is, in itself a creative field; receive the new energies in energetic exchanges with others; & immerse yourself in a sound bath, emanations of vibration from the Source of All Sound.

These 3.5 days will be created for the persons present. Intentions are offered & the flow is creative & open, not structured. This will involve sharings of Antonia’s insights, some internal focus directions, outdoor walks to the hilltop labyrinth, fire ceremonies, energetic work, immersion into sound, audio/visual, delicious food & much more…



The beautiful unspoiled rolling farmlands of the Shenandoah Valley are magical. The ancient energy of both the Blue Ridge Mountains & the Alleghenies ranges are felt everywhere. This bucolic 250 acre Retreat Center in Buena Vista is just 4 miles from the historic, picturesque town of Lexington and 50 miles from Roanoke's convenient airport. 


Heartstone Lodge @ South River Highlands Country Retreat, our retreat venue, sits on a large country estate that was once a working dairy farm. Its lovingly renovated and re-purposed buildings still hold the heart and character of its past life. From the surrounding vistas to the free-range chickens, grazing cattle, gardens and incredible sculptures, this space is truly magical! Even the hilltop modern day labyrinth is an amazing creative undertaking. Every aspect of this country retreat is a thoughtful mixture of rustic and modern.

Expanding Realms Of Love Program

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During this 3.5 day retreat you will be introduced to:

  • The electrifying power of the Sacred Masculine\ Sacred Feminine in harmonic balance

  • How shape, motion, color and sound effects our fields and surrounding space

  • What does “the next octave” mean as relating to the human species, all life and its love potential

  • Looking at fear and hatred as the greatest destroyers of joyous well-being

  • Dance the dance of empowering one another

  • How we can consciously choose to move in the direction of the“next octave of LOVE”

  • A “high tech” entirely new energetic system that will jump start you through the 21st century and beyond

  • Experience a system that has the ability to change/alter the way in which the human body uses energy

  • Crystalline Love Energy Immersions - experiencing the sharing of these new frequencies

  • The Grace Walk ... A phi-infinity creation field - modern day labyrinth on Mt. Grace & MUCH MUCH MORE

  • An amazing sound immersion experience by Greg Burns & MettaVibrations



Antonia Albano

Contact Antonia if you have any questions



Retreat Schedule

The Grace Walk.JPG

These days are important as sequential learnings and practice.

All days are required.

October 29th

2pm: Arrival, settling into your lodging spaces, exploring the retreat grounds

5:30pm: Dinner

7pm: Introduction, creating sacred space: walking a floor walk called - The Grace Walk ...a phi-infinity creation

October 30th

7:30am Silent meditation with Barney Brown or Silent walk around Lodge grounds

8:30am - 9:30: Breakfast

10 -12pm Overview of 'Next Octave' 

12:15 - 1:15 Lunch (possibly a picnic lunch)

1:30 -5:00pm Installing the New Energetic System for the New Human

5:30 - 6:30pm: Dinner

7-8pm Sound Immersion: Rise to The Mystery - MettaVibrations, Greg Burns

8:30pm: Fire Ceremony

October 31st

7:30am Silent meditation with Barney Brown or Silent walk around Lodge grounds

8:30 - 9:30 Breakfast

10-12pm  Open to Guidance as gathering progresses

12:15 - 1:15pm  Lunch

1:30 - 4:30/5 New Octave of Love, New Octave of Human audio/visual/Q&A

…the amazing evolutionary human 

5:30 - 6:30pm  Dinner

7pm  Fire Torch Ceremony in Jardin d'OrPhi (Garden of Golden Proportion Meditation Garden)

November 1st

7 -9am  Mt Grace & the State of Grace Golden Infinity labyrinth

9- 9:45 Breakfast

10am - 12pm  Crystalline Love Energy Immersions

12:30 - 1:15pm  Lunch

1:30 - 3:30  Crystalline Love Energy Immersions

Activate the New Human Energy System

3:30 - 4pm  Closing Circle


Frequently Asked Questions

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In order to hold your spot, please register by October 14, 2020. A 50% deposit must be paid at time of registration. Payment balance is due in full on or before October 16th. Your total registration fee depends on the accommodation you select.


There will be no full deposit refunds issued. There is limited refund on the balance after October 16th, with conditions. Please email Lesley or Antonia if there is a need for consideration.   


If, due to unforeseen circumstances, Antonia must cancel the retreat, 100% of monies paid will be refunded.  


Retreat price does not include your travel costs to Buena Vista. Heartstone Lodge is a 1 hour drive from the Roanoke Airport, 2.5 hour drive from Northern Virginia, 2 hours from Richmond, 6 hours from NYC & 3 hours from Raleigh/Durham. The Retreat Center is conveniently located only off of I-81. Parking on site is located approximately 75 yards/3 minute walk from the main lodge area, however a drop off zone is available for luggage upon arrival and departure. It will be necessary to park your car in the signed 'Event Parking' lot.


The retreat center is not designed for wheelchair access. The Heartstone Lodge has one wheelchair/handicap parking spot available and ramp access to the first floor of the retreat center only. All workshops will be on the second floor accessible by stairs only. All sleeping accommodations in The Lodge are on the 2nd or 3rd floor & have staircase access only. The Studios & Cabins have open farm ground access only. Bring comfy walking shoes. If you have specific accessibility concerns please send us an email at


All spaces in the lodge and all sleeping accommodations are climate controlled, but please note fall weather in Virginia can be either hot or cold. It would be good to dress in layers, bring slippers or heavy socks for classroom and a reusable water bottle for both indoors and/or if you plan to enjoy the beautiful outdoor spaces. If you plan to take any walks and hikes on the property and surrounding areas, please also bring close toed shoes, long pants & insect spray. Tick season is all year long, so it’s important to come prepared.


All meals are included with full registration costs. Full Circle Catering, a top farm to table caterer based out of Lexington, VA will be providing us with delicious earth-conscious meals, including vegetarian, gluten-free and nut-free options. If you have a serious allergy please let us know. If the menu doesn’t accommodate your needs, we will provide you with kitchen resources so that you can provide your own food. All meals will be included in the meal package regardless.

Don’t wait - Space is filling up fast!